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Rome - The Eternal City

For Roman Catholics, Rome and Assisi represent important historical centres of their faith heritage and are ideal venues for parish and diocesan pilgrimages. Rome is a unique centre of Christianity and culture.

Its appealing architecture, priceless art treasures and the vast range of experiences to enjoy, guarantee that you will return with fond and lasting memories of the Eternal City.

Pope Francis I

The Vatican City

With its fascinating combination of ancient and modern civilisations, it can claim a similar title as the city is still, without doubt, the capital of the Christian world.

The tombs of the apostles and the presence of the Holy Father, the current living successor being Pope Benedict XVI, make the city one of the greatest pilgrimage destinations.

Assisi - St. Francis

Assisi is a uniquely preserved 13th century Umbrian hill town, home to St. Francis.

The spiritual legacy of this visionary is present throughout the enchanting and serene streets of Assisi and in places such as the Convento di San Damiano, a small chapel in the valley that Francis rebuilt at the beginning of his ministry.

The Basilica, built over the tomb of Francis, includes important frescos narrating his life and celebrating the charisms of the Franciscans.

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